Exercise Ball Exercises

How to Approach this Exercise Ball Website

As a physical therapist my primary concern is injury treatment and prevention. If you are new to exercise ball exercises I recommend approaching this site in the following fashion:
    1. Core Anatomy
    2. Core Stabilization
    3. Core Instability
    4. Before the Exercise Ball
    5. How to buy an Exercise Ball
    6. Precautions
    7. Instructions
    8. Basic Program
    9. Exercise Progression

 The training concepts described on this web site represent the ultimate evolution of sport specific training. As an athlete with excellent core stability you will generate greater power, and strength in any off balance situation. You will run, swing, jump, and swim with greater efficiency. You will be able to apply the strength you have developed in the gym more effectively in functional and competitive situations.

Whether you have never exercised a day in your life or you're a professional athlete, you can benefit from strengthening using the exercise ball. The free exercise ball exercises presented here represent a combination of the latest concepts from both the physical therapy realm and the physical conditioning world and are accompanied by illustrations. We try to review both the theory and rationale behind the ball exercises and present them with detailed instructions and photographs.

I've included 173 exercise ball exercises with over 300 illustrations detailing exercises that require nothing but an exercise ball. I've included a variety of sample exercise ball workout programs for individuals with different levels of experience and involvement in sports.

As a physical therapist I am regularly approached by my patients for a good source of free exercise ball exercises. Web sites of sufficient caliber are sparse, brief, incomplete, and full of advertising. I decided to start this web site to fulfill this need for free ball exercises. 

"Thanks a lot for putting this exercise ball site up. I just got a swiss ball and this is really, really useful. It must have taken time and effort to put this up, and surely, you've done it out of passion and it is getting incredibly, incredibly hard to find good, relevant information on the web these days, especially exercise/weight loss related.
So thanks a bunch! "

Aarthi g (Mumbai)

"Great website. I just blew up the good ol' exercise ball again in hopes of getting back in shape.
Thank you for all of your information!"

"Awesome site and very comprehensive from beginner to advanced with all the necessary precautions and instructions. Great job and thanks so much for sharing."

"This is the best exercise ball website I've come across, by far. Thanks so much for putting the effort into compiling so many ball exercises. I'm trying many of them..."

"Thank your for putting together such a comprehensive site, the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, your photos along w/ text work well for setting up a HEP. "
Sincerely Maria Minichiello, PT
Upper Chesapeake Medical Center

"I think this is the best site I've found for stability ball exercises! You've got more information here than I've seen in a lot of books on the subject. Thanks so much for sharing!"
Jim B. (UK)