Lunge with the Exercise Ball

Starting Position
  • Stand with your back against the ball with the exercise ball at the level of your belt line as pictured below.
  • Feet should be hip width to shoulder width apart.
  • One foot should be ahead of you, the other behind close to the wall.
  • Lower yourself down until your forward thigh is horizontal.
  • Your forward knee at this point should be over your foot.
  • Pause at this point and slowly return to the starting position.
Prime Movers
  • Glutes, quadriceps
  • In order to prevent knee injury it is imperative that you not let your knees extend over your toes.
  • As you descend try and keep your knee centred over the second toe. Don't let them weave in or out.
  • Hips should remain level.
1ballsRepeat this ball exercise 6 times.

2ballsRepeat this ball exercise 10 times.

3ballsRepeat this ball exercise 15 times.

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