Squat Leg Raise with a High Ball

Starting Position
  • Put your exercise ball against the wall at the level of the top of your shoulders so that your head is resting on it as well.
  • Stabilize the ball between your upper back and head and the wall.
  • Place your hand on your thighs, at your sides or cross your arms over your chest.
  • Take a step out from the wall.
  • Keep your chin tucked in, don't tilt your head back
  • Place your feet hip width apart and maintain a neutral spine.
  • While keeping your trunk stable and your chest up, slowly lower yourself down until your thighs are horizontal.
  • Straighten one knee.
  • Hold this position.
Prime Movers
  • Quadriceps, glutes, hips, and trunk.
Physio Tips
  • Don't allow your hips to sag or your back to arch
  • To avoid knee injury be sure that your knees do not move beyond the tip of your toes.

1ballsHold this position for 5 seconds and repeat 5 times.

2ballsHold this position for 10 seconds and repeat 5 times.

3ballsHold this position for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times.

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