Rolling Side Plank

Starting Position
  • Kneel beside your exercise ball without letting it touch your thigh.
  • Rest your arm on the ball close to your side so that you form a straight line from your head to your knees
  • This is the basic side plank on the exercise ball.
  • Lean sideways into the ball onto your forearm.
  • Slowly and in a controlled fashion, let the ball roll away as you lean further to the side.
  • Return to the start position by pulling your elbow back to your side.
Prime Movers
  • Shoulder adductors.
Physio Tips
  • Let your knee raise off the floor to maintain a neutral spine and pelvis.
  • Do not let your pelvis tilt and don't let your hip touch the exercise ball.
  • Don't let your shoulder move beyond the 90 degree point.
  • It helps to check your alignment in a mirror.
  • You should not experience any shoulder or knee pain with this exercise.
  • If you do, consult a physical therapist.
  • If you find this exercise ball exercise too difficult try the simple Side Plank Exercise with the shoulder in slightly differing degrees of abduction.
  • You will find this exercise ball exercise more difficult if you start in a position farther from the ball.
  • Add air to your ball to make it less stable.
  • Use a smaller ball.
When first attempting this ball exercise use only small amplitude movements where you feel in control. As you get better at it you can increase your lateral movement.

The rolling side plank is a great way to strengthen weak muscles that stabilize your spine and pelvis - a common source of, and result of recurring back pain.

Once you've mastered it on the floor and the other floor exercises you are ready to introduce an unstable surface.

1ballsHold this position for 3 seconds, and repeat 6 times on each side.

2ballsHold this position for 3 seconds, and repeat 10 times on each side.

3ballsHold this position for 3 seconds, and repeat 15 times on each side.

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