Exercise Ball Trunk Roll 1

Starting Position Action
  • Pull your left arm up to your side.
  • At the same time lift your left leg straight up.
  • Roll over onto your right hip so your left shoulder is pointing up toward the ceiling.
  • Hold this for 2 seconds.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Repeat on the other side.
Prime Movers
  • Posterior deltoid, glutes, abdominal obliques
Physio Tips
  • Move your shoulders and hips in the same plane rather than twisting.
  • Start with short movements until you get the feel of the movement.
  • This is an especially good exercise ball exercise for swimmers.
  • Add air to your exercise ball
  • Use your ball on a hard floor rather than a mat or carpet
  • Try Trunk Roll 2.

When trying this for the first time I recommend using a soft ball on an exercise mat because at the end of your movement your base of support is quite narrow.

This exercise challenges your balance and proprioception. An effective trunk roll is necessary for swimming efficiently. Other strengthening exercises one should encorporate into a good swim program are as follows:
Superman takeoff
Alternate shoulder extension
Back Extension
The walkout
Alternate arm/leg raise
Look at the ceiling

1ballsRepeat this ball exercise 10 times.

2ballsRepeat this ball exercise 15 times.

3ballsRepeat this ball exercise 30 times.

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