Prone Leg Raise
Hands off

Starting Position
  • Start this prone leg raise ball exercise on your stomach over the exercise ball.
  • Waist line is centred over the top of the ball
  • Toes rest on the ground about hip width apart
  • You form a straight line from your feet to your head.
  • Hands should be beside you at your sides.
  • Raise one leg up to the horizontal and hold for 2 seconds.
  • Lower the leg slowly.
Prime Movers
  • Glutes, hamstrings.
Physio Tips
  • Be sure to master Prone Leg Raise 1 before attempting this exercise ball exercise.
  • Focus on contracting your glutes to raise your leg and keep the knee completely straight.
  • Keep your neck straight and chin tucked in to avoid neck strain.
Progression Simply resting in the starting position is an exercise by itself. Once you've mastered this position with engaged abdominals in your neutral spinal position you make it more difficult by introducing limb movement.

Even before you lift your leg there is a cascade of neural input to your multifidus and other short segmental muscles in the spine anticipating your leg movement. Studies have shown that in people that have suffered from back pain that this cascade does not occur appropriately. For that reason it is important to get some feedback from your physical therapist if you have a history of back pain.

1ballsRepeat this ball exercise 6 times on each leg.

2ballsRepeat this ball exercise 10 times on each leg.

3ballsRepeat this ball exercise 15 times on each leg.

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