Shoulder Extension on the Exercise Ball

Starting Position
  • To perform this exercise ball exercise, kneel on the floor in front of the ball and slide forward so that you are lying over the ball with the ball situated just under your belt line.
  • Contract your abdominals so that your back remains straight.
  • Hands are resting lightly on the ground in front of the exercise ball about shoulder width apart.
  • Slowly pull one arm back to your side and hold it there for 2 seconds.
  • Keep your shoulder down as you perform the movement, don't allow your shoulder to shrug.
  • Slowly return the arm to the starting position.
  • Repeat this with the other arm.
Prime Movers
  • Posterior deltoid
Physio Tips
  • Try and keep your shoulders and hips level and in the same plane.
  • Keep your chest up, chin tucked and look down to prevent neck strain.
This is a good beginner exercise to start introducing limb movements into your stability program. By only moving one arm you use your trunk stabilizing muscles in an asymmetrical fashion. Try combining this with the leg raise and then move onto the superman ball exercise.

1ballsRepeat this exercise ball exercise 10 times on each arm.

2ballsRepeat this exercise ball exercise 15 times on each arm.

3ballsRepeat this exercise ball exercise 30 times on each arm.