Single Knee Tuck
Ball Exercise

Starting Position

  • Start this exercise ball exercise as you did for the Ball Plank.
  • Kneel in front of the ball and slide yourself forward over the exercise ball.
  • Walk forward as you did in the Ball Walkout until your feet are over the top of the ball.
  • Hands should be shoulder width apart situated directly under your shoulders.


  • Lift one foot a couple of inches off the ball.
  • Pull the ball toward your chest with the other leg.
  • Pause 2 seconds and then return the ball to its starting position.
  • Lift the other leg off the ball and repeat the above.

Prime Movers

  • Hip flexors, abdominals, glutes.

Physio Tips

  • Always stop and rest if you feel your hips are sagging or if you are no longer able to maintain the neutral position.
  • If you find this too diffiult, go back and try the Ball Plank Knee Tuck.


  • Perform multiple repetitions on one side before switching legs.
  • Try the Pike
  • Adding more air to your exercise ball will make it less stable

This is considered an advanced exercise ball exercise because you have a small base of support, and you must maintain neutral position while a loaded limb is moving. Your centre of gravity changes and your base of support changes throughout the exercise.

1ballsRepeat this ball exercise 6 times on each leg.

2ballsRepeat this ball exercise 10 times on each leg.

3ballsRepeat this ball exercise 15 times on each leg.