Ball Exercise Workout
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Here is yet another ball exercise workout for those who are well acquainted with the exercise ball. If you are unfamiliar with the exercise ball please don't attempt these exercises yet. Master earlier levels first. Please review all exercise ball precautions and if you feel any discomfort, stop and consult your physician or physical therapist.

Click on each exercise pictured below for a full description of the positioning and movements involved, information about muscles used, methods of progressing the exercise (making it more difficult) and tips from a physical therapist.

Attempt these exercises as your level of expertise permits:




If  you are finding this ball exercise workout difficult, go back to the basics and try the intermediate programs 1 and 2. Feel free to modify each program to suit your training needs, and be sure to change your exercise programs every 6-8 weeks to maximize your training progression. Before doing any strength training one needs to warm up and stretch adequately afterward. You can follow the stretching program I've laid out or follow your own depending on your specific needs. For more information about stretching check out this site.

Click on each exercise below for a full description and progression:

Side Bridge

The side bridging exercise, whether done on the floor or the exercise ball biases the muscles on your side including your hips.


Bent Leg Raise

This is a moderately demanding exercise ball exercise as you are forced to maintain a stable trunk supporting yourself on one foot while dynamic limb movements occur.


Ball Bounce

This high impact exercise requires good spinal stability withstand the forces from the bouncing exercise ball.


Side to Side Jump

This is a very demanding exercise ball exercise because you have to maintain neutral spinal position while balancing, while limbs are moving, and while your weight shifts across the ball.


Pushups 2

You can emphasize chest muscles by spreading your hands a bit further apart. Bringing hands closer together requires more work from your triceps.


Reverse Plank Twist

Working within your range is very challenging in this position. It's a great abdominal oblique strengthener.


Trunk Roll 2

This exercise requires good dynamic stability. If you are doing an advanced ball exercise workout you need total control.


Bilateral Leg raise (arms up)

This is the ultimate challenge to your balance and pelvic control.


Hand Off

This is a very advanced abdominal exercise that requires excellent lumbar stabilization and a lot of room.


Reverse Bridge Twist with Leg Raise

With only two points of contact this ball exercise requires a lot of patience and control.


Squat Leg Raise

Work your glutes and hip stabilizers in this exercise ball squat.


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