Advanced Exercise
Ball Workout 1

Here is an exercise ball workout for those who have a lot of experience with the exercise ball. If you are new to exercise ball exercises, don't even attempt this workout. Please review the exercise ball precautions and should you feel any discomfort, stop and consult your physician or physical therapist.

Click on each exercise below for a full description of the movement along with methods of progression and tips from a physical therapist.

Depending on your fitness level try the number of reps indicated by your level of expertise:




If  you are finding these difficult, go back to the basics and try the intermediate programs 1 and 2. Feel free to modify each program to suit your training needs, and be sure to change your exercise programs every 6-8 weeks to maximize your training progression. Prior to any strength training it is important to warm up and stretch adequately afterward. You can follow the stretching program I've laid out or follow your own depending on your specific needs. Stretching needs will vary.  Use this link to find out more about stretching exercises.

Click on each exercise below for a full description, progression, and tips from a physical therapist.

Side Bridge on Forearm

This exercise lying on your side biases the muscles on the side facing the floor - the quadratus lumborum, hip abductors, peronei, obliques, etc.



Bridge with Hip Roll

Because you are supine this ball exercise biases the muscles of your back, buttocks, hamstrings, and calves.


Shock Lockout

This is a very advanced exercise that requires very strong stabilizers and a good feel for the way the ball responds to forces you exert on it.


Kneeling on the Ball

This is a very advanced ball exercise and for obvious reasons, inherently riskier. When you first try this, use an exercise mat and a soft ball.


Swim Kick with One Hand Support

Strengthening the hip extensors in an open kinetic chain through these exercises will help strengthen hip extensors as well as your core musculature.


One Sided Hand Walking

This is a very strenuous dynamic exercise that demands strong shoulders and core.


Pike Push Up

The pushup with feet on the ball is hard. This is even harder as your weight is shifted forward.


Seated Leg Raise (arms up)

Here is a good exercise in balance and pelvic control.


Ab Crunch 3

This is a basic abdominal exercise made more difficult by using and unstable surface and moving your arms over your head.


Oblique Crunch 3

Another basic abdominal exercise to strengthen obliques.


Squat Leg Raise

This is a good exercise for hip extensors, pelvic stabilizers and quadriceps. Using the exercise ball helps you maintain good form and posture.


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