Exercise Ball Search Tool

You can save time by using the exercise ball exercises search feature to find exactly what you're looking for. Whether its a specific exercise, a reference to a study, or specific application to sports, you need not feel overwhelmed.

I've added this search tool with the help of Google.  Just enter the search term and press search. Google will bring back all pages on this website where the term is discussed. If the information isn't here then Google will suggest other websites with related information.

As a professional I have over 29 years of experience using the exercise ball in the clinical setting. I hope all people visiting this website can draw from my  experience in expanding their repertoire of exercises that keep them active. There is plenty of information freely available to the public online, but I hope to present most of it here in one location with the perspective of a physical therapist.

I hope to add more information to this website as time goes on, but realize that new exercises can be found everyday.

Feel free to check out other websites as well as this by using the search tool above.