Exercise Ball Research


Below you will find various research abstracts pertaining to
exercise ball exercises and back stability:

exercise ballEvaluation of functional and neuromuscular changes after exercise rehabilitation for low back pain using a Swiss ball: a pilot study.

exercise ballSitting on a chair or an exercise ball: various perspectives to guide decision making.

exercise ballThe response of the transverse abdominus and internal oblique muscles to different postures.

exercise ballClassroom seating for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: therapy balls versus chairs.

exercise ballChanges in muscle activity and perceived exertion during exercises performed on a swiss ball.

exercise ballMuscle force and activation under stable and unstable conditions.

exercise ballBall or chair as seating arrangement in the classroom. A prospective study.

exercise ballDo exercise balls provide a training advantage for trunk extensor exercises? A biomechanical evaluation.

exercise ballIncreased deltoid and abdominal muscle activity during swiss ball bench press.

exercise ball="">Contraction of the abdominal muscles associated with movement of the lower limb.

exercise ballThe Effect of Short-Term Swiss Ball Training on Core Stability and Running Economy.

exercise ballThe Effects of Stability Ball Training on Spinal Stability in Sedentary Individuals.

exercise ballTrunk muscle activity in healthy subjects during bridging stabilization exercises.

exercise ballImportance of the intersegmental trunk muscles for the stability of the lumbar spine. A biomechanical study in vitro.

exercise ballBack and hip extensor fatigability in chronic low back pain patients and controls.

exercise ballEffects of pelvic stabilization on lumbar muscle activity during dynamic exercise.

exercise ballWoman's position during second stage of labour.

exercise ballRelationship between limb movement speed and associated contraction of the trunk muscles. exercise ball exercises research