Calorie Calculator

To estimate the number of calories  you've burned using the calorie calculator for your last run, simply enter your body weight, the miles you've run and the calculator will tell you how many calories you've burned.

This number of course is just an estimate based on running on a flat even surface with no head wind or tail wind, and no hills.

The number of calories burned during a run is based on the distance, not the speed. In fact, if your goal is weight loss, you may burn more calories by taking a slower long run, than a fast shorter run. If you are training for a run you may use this as a guide for appropriate calorie intake.


Calorie Calculator


Nutrition is an important part of training in order to prepare a runner to perform their best during a competition. However long the distance is, nutrition will optimize conditions for the runner when facing the starting line. Eating habits must be such that  the runner will be supplied with fuel and nutrients required to optimize performance during training session and also allow a quick recovery afterwards. The runner requires unique strategies  of fluid and food intake for before a run, during and after a run to reduce fatigue and enhance performance.  These strategies are also important in a competition and must be fine tuned during training.

Runners should always strive to maintain a healthy weight to minimize stress on joints. Realistic goals are specific for each individual must be determined by their health care professional.