Hamstring Curl with the
Exercise Ball (arms out)

Starting Position
  • This exercise ball hamstring curl  requires you to start in the bridging position.
  • Arms are straight and out to the sides of your body.
  • Activate your transversus abdominus through abdominal hollowing in your neutral position.
  • Lift your pelvis toward the ceiling so that you form a straight line from your heels to your shoulders
  • Pull your heels toward your buttocks.
  • Slowly return to the straight legged position all the while maintaining your lower back in a neutral position.
Prime Movers
  • Hamstrings, glutes, back extensors
Physio Tips
  • Be sure to activate transversus abdominus prior to any leg movement to avoid back injury.
Progression Doing this exercise supine biases the muscles on the back of the body: the back extensors, glutes, calves, and of course the hamstrings.

This dynamic ball exercise is a progression of the static bridging exercise. Being able to hold a static position comfortable for 30 to 60 seconds is one thing, but introducing movement while maintaining your neutral spinal position is much more difficult.

 As you can see, with your arms spread out, this drastically increases your base of support and therefore makes this exercise relatively easy compared to one where the arms are pointing straight up to the ceiling or folded across your chest. You can make this dynamic ball exercise even easier by letting out some air from your stability ball.

1ballsRepeat this ball exercise 10 times

2ballsRepeat this ball exercise 20 times

3ballsRepeat this ball exercise 30 times

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