Exercise Ball Foot Drops

Starting Position Action Prime Movers
  • Hip flexors, quadriceps
Physio Tips
  • Do not let your back arch up off the floor or let your hips rotate.
  • Keep your head on the floor and your chin tucked to prevent neck strain.
  • If you find your back arching, go back and master Abdominal Hollowing without moving your spine.
Progression This is a beginner ball exercise. The neutral position you attain in lying in the 90/90 position must be maintained as you lower your leg. When you are first learning this exercise you can put one hand behind your lower back as you do this ball exercise to make sure your lower back doesn't move. If you feel your lower back arching away from your hand or pushing down on your hand as you lower your leg, you are doing it wrong. Keep a constant pressure on your hand as you lower your foot to the floor.

This is a good exercise to start with when trying to get back into shape after a pregnancy. As soon as your doctor gives you "the go ahead", try the other exercises in the post-partum page.

Other beginner exercises that require a stable core while introducing dynamic limb movement:
Reverse Bridge Leg Raise Exercise
Prone Leg Raise Ball Exercise
Alternating Shoulder Extension
Hip Abduction in Sidelying

1ballsRepeat this exercise ball exercise 6 times with each leg.

2ballsRepeat this exercise ball exercise 10 times with each leg.

3ballsRepeat this exercise ball exercise 15 times with each leg.

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