Birth Ball Tips

This page is dedicated to birth ball tips. I'd like to hear from women around the world about how they use their exercise ball and the benefits.
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  • Did you go out and buy a labour ball specifically because you were pregnant?
  • Did they give one to you  on the maternity ward?
  • Do you feel it shortened your labor?
  • Did it assist in pain management?
  • What other forms of pain management did you use?
  • What positions on the labor ball did you find helpful?
  • Do you think it speeds up labor in other women?
  • What advice would you give new moms?
  • Is there anything you would do differently?
We'd like to hear from you about ways in which you've used the birth ball to make your life a little more comfortable.

For more information on the ball's use during labor:
What is a birth ball?
New study shows pain reduction
Exercise and pregnancy

Positioning on the exercise ball:
Sitting on the birth ball
Leaning forward while sitting
Leaning over the labor ball while standing
Leaning over the ball while kneeling
Squatting back leaning on the ball.

Care to share any tips with other readers about your experiences using the birth ball?

I hear new things every day about using the exercise ball during pregnancy and post partum. I'd like to hear about your experiences.

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When I was in my final trimester my physician diagnosed me with symphysis pubis dysfunction. This was incredibly uncomfortable and made it very difficult …

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I love to hear people's experiences and I know anyone going through a
pregnancy needs that information to assist them in this exciting yet
sometimes terrifying time. People come to me and describe new, weird,
and wonderful ways to use their exercise ball. I hope you can take this
opportunity to share your experiences here. Check back frequently to
see what else has been added.