Single Leg Calf Raise
with the Exercise Ball

Illustration of the Single Leg Calf Raise

Starting Position
  • Put your stability ball against the wall at roughly chest level and lean into the ball.
  • Place your hands on the ball at chest height and stabilize the ball against the wall.
  • Take a step away from the wall and raise one foot off the floor.
  • Maintain a neutral spine.
  • While keeping your trunk stable and your chest up, slowly raise yourself up as high as you will go onto the ball of your foot.
  • Lower yourself to the point where your heels touch the ground and repeat on each side.
Prime Movers
  • Calves
Physio Tips
  • Try moving further away from the ball to increase the range of movement and reduce stability stability.

single leg calf raise withe the exercise ball starting position  single leg calf raise with the exercise ball

1ballsRepeat this exercise ball exercise 10 times on each side.

2ballsRepeat this exercise ball exercise 20 times on each side.

3ballsRepeat this exercise ball exercise 30 times on each side.

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