Free Exercise Ball Exercises

Below you will find an exhaustive list of free exercises, most using the ball. Click on each exercise to get a full description of the movement, a list of the major muscles involved, diagrams, and tips from a physical therapist are included on each exercise page. Each exercise also gives suggestions for progression for when you're ready to make it more difficult. That may involve the addition of dumbbells, ankle/wrist weights or just a slight change in your positioning. Each exercise page will also provide a link to another exercise that is a little bit easier in case you are having difficulty, or an exercise that's a little more difficult in case you are finding it too easy. Most people, however, do not find any of these exercises very easy because they demand something of you that you don't always get in an exercise, and that's concentration and control. Like yoga, these exercises also challenge one's balance, proprioception, and mindfulness.

Review exercise ball precautions prior to starting any of these ball exercises. It's helpful to review the rationale for doing exercise ball exercises and become familiar with the core anatomy involved. If this is the first page you've landed on you should also learn about how to use the exercise ball and how to find your neutral position prior to attempting these. If you have a history of back pain, consult your physical therapist prior to choosing exercises.

Mix any combination, but follow the guidelines provided in each description. If you have any pain, shaking, or feel you are unable to control the movement, stop and find a more rudimentary exercise ball exercise.
Floor Exercises
Floor Superman
Floor Bridging
Floor Side Bridging
Floor Plank
Single Leg Raise
Abdominal Hollowing
Seated Russian Crunch
Birth Ball Positioning
Sitting on the Ball
Sitting on Ball Leaning Forward
Standing Leaning Over Ball
Kneeling Leaning Over Ball
Squatting Back
Bridging Exercises
Bridge Side to Side
Side Bridge on Forearm
Bridge with Hip Roll
Single Leg Hamstring Curl
Hamstring Curl(arms out)
Hamstring Curl (arms crossed)
Single Leg Raise and Cross
Hamstring Curl (arms up)
Inner Thigh in Side Bridging
Bridging T Raise
Bridging with Arms Crossed
Leg Raise
Side Bridge
The Clock
The Clock with Arms Up
Outer Thigh in Side Bridging
Leg Drops
Leg Drops with Arms Crossed
Foot Drops
Bridging with Knees Bent
Bent Leg Raise
Single Leg Bridge
High Impact Exercises
Shock Lockout
Ball Bounce
Push Off
Exercises in Kneeling
Scapular Pro/Retraction
Kneeling on Ball
Side to Side Jump
Exercises in Prone
Back Extension 1
Back Extension 2
Prone Leg Raise 1
Prone Leg Raise 2
Swim Kick with 2 Hand Support
Swim Kick with 1 Hand Support
Pike Over the Ball
Pushups 1
Pushups 2
Ball Plank
Ball Plank Knee Tuck
Swaying Ball Plank
Knee Pushup on Ball
Pushups on Ball
Plank on the Ball - straight arms on knees
Plank on the Ball - straight arms on toes
Ball Walkout
One Sided Hand Walkout
Single Legged Superman
Hip Extension
Rolling Plank 1
Ball Plank Heel Raise
Ball Plank Twist
Pushups with One Foot Support
Forward Arm Raise
Reverse Flyes 90 Degrees
Reverse Flyes 45 Degrees
Reverse Flyes 135 Degrees
Single Knee Tuck
Pike Pushup
Rolling Plank 2
Superman Takeoff
Alternate Shoulder Extension
Back Extension 3
Trunk Roll 1
Trunk Roll 2
Look at the Ceiling
Front Spin
Side lying Exercises
Hip Abduction
Hip Adduction
Side Crunch with Knee On Floor
Side Crunch with Knee Off Floor
Side Plank
Advanced Side Crunch
Beginner Side Crunch
Rolling Side Plank
Side Lifts
Exercises in Sitting
How to Sit
Pelvic Tilt
Pelvic Lateral Shift
Seated Leg Raise (arms at 90)
Seated Leg Raise (hands on hips)
Seated Leg Raise (arms up)
Thigh Squeezing
Bilateral Leg Raise with Arms at 90
Bilateral Leg Raise with Hands on Hips
Bilateral Leg Raise with Arms Up
Exercises in Standing
Skate Stride
Side Squat
Lunge and Twist
Supine Back Extension
Adductor Stretch
Trunk Side Stretch
Prone Trunk Rotation
Supine Hamstring Stretch
Hip Rotator Stretch
Supine Trunk Rotation
Lat Stretch and Trunk Rotation
Kneeling Lat Stretch
Prone Side Stretch
One Sided Pec Stretch
Lying Side Stretch
Prone Quad Stretch
Hip Flexor Stretch
Seated Hamstring Stretch
Seated Adductor Stretch
Seated Glute and Back Stretch
Prone Back Extension
Supine Pec and Subscap Stretch
Supine Pec Stretch
Kneeling Trunk Rotation
Exercises in Supine
Assuming the Supine Position
Reverse Bridge
Reverse Bridge Leg Raise
Reverse Bridge Straight Leg Raise
Ab Crunch 2
Oblique Crunch 3
Rolling Side to Side
Reverse Bridge Twist
Reverse Bridge Twist with Leg Raise
Alternate Arm Raise
Triceps Dip
Hip Crunches
Straight Leg Hip Crunch
Knee Extension
Ab Crunch 3
Hand Off
Alternate Arm and Leg Raise
Ab Crunch 1
Oblique Crunch 2
Oblique Crunch 1
Floor Ab Crunch 1
Floor Ab Crunch 2
Floor Ab Crunch 3
Scissor Leg Reverse Curls
Ball on the Wall
Wall Pushup
Calf Raise 2
Leaning Straight
Leaning Up
Leaning Down
Single Arm Lean
Wax On Wax Off
Holdup 1
Holdup 2
Calf Raise 1
Side Squat
Single Leg Squat
Squat Leg Raise
Squat Leg Raise (ball high)
Single Leg Calf Raise
Single Leg Side Squat

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While it's nice to have access to free exercises on the web, nothing can substitute for the instruction from a physical therapist or a personal trainer. If you are unsure of your technique when trying any free exercises found on the internet consult your professional for some feedback.