by iman

I`m a climber
Which exercise ball exercise is good for my sport?
Thank you

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Jan 18, 2013
great site
by: marcus

I too have been looking for appropriat exercise for my new rock climbing hobby. I just started last year so I'm anxious to get to the same level as my friends.

Jan 14, 2013
Exercises for Climbers
by: Janice

Hi Iman,
I get a kick out of the number of people here from all over the world. I put together a page of exercises that would benefit a rock climber. As you are probably aware, your success as a climber has a lot to do with how close you can keep your trunk to the rock face. Physics dictates that the further you are from the rock, the closer your shoulder and hips get to 90 degrees, the greater
the forces required to hold you up against gravity. Exercises with the ball will help strengthen the core musculature necessary to hold you closer to the rock. A lot of the exercises on my "Exercise ball exercises for climbers" page help to integrate shoulder and core strengthening.
Thanks again for visiting.

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