Exercise Ball Workout - Intermediate 2

Here is another intermediate exercise ball workout for those who have a little experience with the exercise ball. Please review the exercise ball precautions and should you feel any discomfort or pain, stop and consult your physician or physical therapist before proceeding any further.

Click on each exercise below for a full description of the movement along with suggested methods of progression and tips from a physical therapist. Perform these exercises according to your level of expertise:
1balls 2balls 3balls
Beginner Intermediate Expert
Then move on to the advanced programs.

This exercise ball workout includes exercises for the person with some ball experience. If, however you are finding these difficult, go back to the initial instructions and the basics and try the beginner programs 1 and 2. Feel free to modify each program to suit your training needs, and be sure to change your exercise programs every 6-8 weeks to maximize your training progression. Prior to any strength training it is important to warm up and stretch adequately afterward. You can follow the stretching program I've laid out or follow your own depending on your specific needs.


Click on each exercise below for a full description, progression, and tips from a physiotherapist.

exercise ball workout Bridging with Arms Crossed
exercise ball workout Single Leg Hamstring Curl
exercise ball workout Prone Leg Raise
exercise ball workout Push Ups 1
exercise ball workout Reverse Plank Knee Tuck
exercise ball workout Advanced Side Crunch
exercise ball workout Lunge and Twist
exercise ball workout Scissor Leg Reverse Curls
exercise ball workout Oblique Crunch 2
exercise ball workout Single Leg Calf Raise
exercise ball workout Alternate Arm and Leg Raise
You may find that after having done this program you have come up with a new exercise. Feel free to share it with the rest of us. Post your new exercise ball exercise here on WikiBall.

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